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Fans love their favorite brands.

Brands love their loyal fans.

Fanfare brings them together.

Fanfare is a video-sharing app for fans to connect with brands, through fun videos, cool games and awesome rewards.

Create Fun and Exciting Videos

Go Fullscreen or Widescreen

Choose to shoot your video in either 4:3 or 16:9 ratio

Tag Your Brand

Tag a brand to your video using our unique Brandtags

Enhance Your Video

Crop, select a cover image, and add music to your video

Engage Your Fans

Share your video, engage your fans, and stand to win rewards

Participate in Campaigns

Take part in campaigns, earn more fans and stand to win prizes. Boost your videos for exciting rewards

Stay in Touch with Your Favorite Brands

Search for the brands you love from an ever-expanding list. Keep yourself updated by becoming a fan!

Keep engaging your fans to earn experience points, and climb up our ranking system. Become a Star!

Earn diamonds which can be used to boost your videos, or to redeem for merchandises in our redemption store

Unlock high-level campaigns and work directly with brands to earn even better rewards.

Share. Watch. Win

Download now and join the Fanfare Community today