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April 2018

Brighten Management joins forces with Fanfare in Strategic Partnership

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We are delighted to announce that Brighten Management Limited, one of Hong Kong’s leading and most innovative investment firms, has inked a strategic partnership alliance with us for fund-raising, project development and business expansion.

Brighten Management was established to provide clients with unique and unconventional investment opportunities, and specializes in securitisation, mergers and acquisitions, and direct investments into media and technology companies related to the sharing economy, O2O (offline to online and vice versa), and Fintech (finance technology).

As a Fintech firm primarily operated by financial professionals, Brighten Management has successfully structured, invested, organized and managed an ecosystem of technology companies to achieve profitability.

“Given the depth and breadth of our ecosystem of technology companies, and our current focus on media investments, this partnership with Fanfare, being a social commerce platform, will bring about amazing synergies that will significantly benefit all parties. In addition, we are thrilled to be involved in Fanfare’s application of blockchain technology to its next round of fundraising, giving us the opportunity to again move to the forefront of finance technology.”

– Julian So, Chief Business Development Officer, Brighten Management Limited

This strategic partnership will be able to facilitate and accelerate Fanfare’s aspirations to become a highly sustainable global leader in the Social Commerce economy powered by Blockchain.

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Former USSS Consultant Brett Johnson Joins Fanfare as Chief Security Advisor

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Brett “Gollumfun” Johnson is one of the world’s foremost experts on cyber crime, online fraud, and identity theft. Fanfare is privileged to have him join our ranks in safeguarding the security of our social commerce ecosystem to ensure its online resilience against undesirable hacking and fraud through secured data protection and robust penetration testing.

Previously on the U.S. Most Wanted List and regarded as “The Original Internet Godfather” by the United States Secret Service (USSS), Brett was the cyber crime world’s kingpin for two decades, being instrumental in designing, developing and implementing many areas of online fraud, social engineering attacks and hacking operations still used today.

Recognized as one of the best Social Engineers of his time, the USSS quickly engaged him as a consultant upon his first arrest in February 2005. Brett trained USSS Agents and other Law Enforcement Officers on different aspects of cyber crime and helped to track and identify online criminals. But Brett went on a cross country crime spree while working for the Secret Service, resulting in a nationwide manhunt for him. He was recaptured twice following a daring escape, eventually serving a 7½ year sentence in federal prison. During his incarceration, he took responsibility for his actions, resolving to help others avoid the types of crime he used to commit.

Today, Brett is a highly sought-after public speaker and respected advocate in raising awareness about Internet security and uses his vast knowledge in assisting others to stay safe online.

“Fanfare is an exciting, unique platform connecting users with brands and benefitting both. Already extremely popular, Fanfare promises to achieve massive growth and change the face of media and social shopping as we know it. And cyber criminals are attracted to successful platforms such as Fanfare, and will use a variety of methods and tools to commit their crimes. As such, I am glad that Fanfare has chosen security as a key cornerstone of their business practice to protect not only the company, but also its users and stakeholders.”

Brett’s unique offering as Fanfare’s Chief Security Advisor is that his viewpoints and understanding of cyber crimes stem from his wealth of experience both as an ex-cyber criminal, as well as a former USSS trainer, which is unavailable elsewhere. This helps us stay ahead of innovative fraud tactics and to combat hacking activities from different scenarios, thereby giving ample protection to Fanfare’s social commerce ecosystem and its community.

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Korean Capital Market Specialist LEE YOUNG MO joins Fanfare — paving way for Token Offerings

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LEE YOUNG MO (YM Lee) is vigorously active in the financial industry, focusing heavily on the Korean capital market, and specializing in pre-IPO investments for mainly small and medium-sized companies seeking to list on the Kospi and Kosdaq Exchanges.

To-date, he has raised over USD100 million in investment funds for companies listing in the Korean capital market, amongst them was Daum, which he successfully raised USD38million through his strategic arrangement with Nexgen Financial Solution in Singapore, a French-based financial firm.

With 40% of young Korean adults enthusiastic about Cryptocurrency from a recent poll by Bank of Korea, it has even been predicted that Korea could be the world’s first Cryptocurrency-powered nation.

Well acquainted with the Korean market, Lee will spearhead Fanfare’s entry into Korea and lead the charge to expand our Social Commerce footprint there, as well as establishing a strong base for our planned crypto tokens.

“It is my pleasure to be part of Fanfare, an unparalleled innovative platform that is well positioned to make an efficacious impact for both the Social Commerce Ecosystem and the Crypto Community, with long term value creation and benefits for all its stakeholders.”

In addition to his seasoned pre-IPO investment activities, Lee is also involved with the K-Pop entertainment industry as an active agent, working alongside top K-Pop artist management companies like Cube Entertainment Co Ltd, Core Contents Media Co Ltd, Star Empire Co Ltd, and Big Hit Entertainment Co.

Lee’s distinguished experience and leadership skills stemmed from numerous opportunities working in diverse business cultures and environments such as key financial responsibilities in multi-national companies like P&G, and top management positions, for example, CEO of Liquidmetal Korea, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liquidmetal US, a Nasdaq Co., and EVP at Xfiniti, a US-based strategy consulting firm.

Currently based in Seoul, South Korea, YM Lee is the CEO of Seoulbound Inc., providing consultation to various industries in Korea including Aerospace, Electronics, Finance and Real Estate.

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Ralph Liu joins Fanfare as Advisor

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It is with great pleasure that we welcome Ralph Liu as the newest member of Fanfare’s advisory team.

A former board level leading investment banker in Southeast Asia and China, Ralph is currently the Chairman of the California-based Advanced e-Financial Technologies, Inc. (AeFT) which is a holding company of many Fintech companies that also incubates a number of blockchain-based ventures.

With a keen eye for promising startups and ICOs, as well as his prominent advisory roles on many leading ICOs and blockchain technology companies (such as the affiliate marketingplatform HOQU, the decentralized online gaming platform OneGame and the Southeast Asia based crypto-currency exchange Sea-Dex), Ralph’s latest appointment as our advisor strongly demonstrates Fanfare’s unique appeal and long-term sustainability.

“Fanfare seems to have formed a solid management team to execute a timely business idea on the blockchain. It has a great chance to become one of the leading players in the emerging social commerce space.”

Ralph’s extensive knowledge and experience in the world of investment, start-up ventures and Fintech will be an invaluable contribution to Fanfare’s social commerce models, blockchain strategies and business initiatives.

More on Ralph Liu — Linkedin

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Fanfare Appoints Professor Wulf Kaal as Blockchain Strategist

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As the application of blockchain technology evolves in complexity, it’s essential to have a more cohesive understanding of the crypto environment.

Professor Wulf Kaal is a leading expert at the intersection of law, business, and technology. His research focuses on innovation, blockchain technology applications, smart contracts, initial coin offerings, hedge funds, and dynamic regulatory methods.

Kaal is the director of the Private Investment Fund Institute (PIFI). Before entering the academy, he was associated with Cravath, Swain & Moore LLP, in New York, and Goldman Sachs in London, UK.

We are very fortunate to be able to leverage on his expertise to build the first Social Commerce Platform powered by blockchain and develop Fanfare’s intricate and sustainable tokenomics.

“I am thrilled by Fanfare’s unique value proposition to integrate two fast-growing frontiers — Social Commerce and Blockchain — and to own this new space. Having successfully merged social media and eCommerce on their live Fanfare App into an operational ecosystem — by infusing blockchain innovation — new dynamics can be unlocked (for social shopping, brand amplification, brand-consumer interaction, content-sharing and monetisation, as well as reward systems powered by smart contracts) offering a whole host of incentives, while addressing inherent issues in existing social media networks and eCommerce sites.”

Kaal has begun working closely with us on optimizing blockchain strategies to benefit our Social Commerce Community.

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Fanfare Appoints Ben Tuff as Global Marketing Advisor

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Fanfare is elated to have Ben Tuff onboard as its Global Marketing Advisor. Leveraging his experience as a marketing agency lead in Asian and European markets, Ben brings a rare breadth and depth of experience that spans branding, innovation, insight and strategy —

“Partners built on Blockchain and crypto solutions enhance and compliment existing marketing tactics brands use. As new touch points, they provide the most logical and rapid way to deliver consumer engagement solutions enabling brands to take advantage of the opportunities crypto solutions offer. Brand owners are then enabled to focus on their core — building the brand, communication and product solutions that satisfy their consumer needs whilst operating in the domain their consumers increasingly live.”

Ben will help to ensure Fanfare articulates its role as a key marketing partner for global brands and their affiliate businesses in enabling them to drive business growth through Social Commerce powered by Blockchain. His role is to build meaningful solutions that reflect the business, marketing and growth objectives of these brands.

About Ben Tuff:

Beginning his career in the PepsiCo group of businesses, he spent 14 years working in a range of marketing, insight and sales aligned roles. In 2006, he moved to Shanghai to lead the consumer strategy team for the Greater China Foods business. Since 2010, Ben has been working within WPP, first as the global Samsung client lead for Kantar, the world’s largest consumer insight and strategy group. Connecting expertise, he created a network of global thought leaders to deliver solutions in areas including media, social and digital, communications, branding and B2B strategy. At MEC (now Wavemaker) as Managing Partner, his role has been to build and develop media solutions for key clients to drive growth, delivered principally from a data and technology perspective driven by programmatic, social and content solutions.

Fanfare Expands into Japan

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In line with the global expansion strategy, Fanfare appoints Gabriel Morey to bring its Social Commerce Platform into the Japanese mobile market. Fanfare is poised for great market penetration as it believes that its inventive approach to online shopping will be well received by Japan’s existing active online shoppers which will number over 88 million by 2021.

Gabriel is also an Advisor for Electroneum, a recent successful ICO that raised 40M to create mass adoption for Cryptocurrency for mobile users. He will be monumental at Fanfare’s ICO to propel us to the next growth trajectory.

Japan is one of the earliest nations to legalise cryptocurrency. This decision by the Japanese government is helping the country cement its place as a driving force for cryptocurrency. Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) officially recognized 11 companies as registered cryptocurrency exchange operators.

About Gabriel Morey

Gabriel Morey is heavily involved in the Marketing and Business development for Tech and FinTech companies. Key projects that he has worked on include Frozen Cocktail company (raised 円97.5 million seed funding for Japan launch) and Mr. Pink Energy Drink (raised $1.8 million seed fund). Gabriel is also privately consulting for various IT, Luxury, Fashion, Music companies for their expansion into Japan, as well as FMCG for marketing and sponsorships. Since 2017 he has been involved in Blockchain and FinTech companies interested in ICO, as well as marketing and investment opportunities.

Currently based in Japan, he is the co-founder and COO for MTV Mobile where he successfully raised $8.2 Million USD for their launch.

Tech and Crypto Investor David Drake Joins Fanfare Advisory Board to Propel Social Commerce Transformation

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6 April 2018, Hong Kong and Singapore – Fanfare, the blockchain-powered Social Commerce marketplace, is pleased to announce the addition of an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and speaker to our Advisory Board.

David Drake will provide counsel to Fanfare on international business development and investor relations, as well as critical matters pertaining to regulations and compliance.

Drake is Founder and Chairman at LDJ Capital, a multi-family office which deals in worldwide funds accessing over trillions in assets and maintains over 50+ global directors and family office partners.

He also runs a US$200M LDJ Cayman Fund focused on cryptocurrency, mining, and ICO acquisitions. LDJ Capital Credit also offers middle market bridge financing to seed upcoming ICO’s.

“Having David Drake and his LDJ Cayman Fund as our investment partner builds beyond just credibility for Fanfare’s upcoming ICO and our vision for a successful and sustainable decentralized social commerce ecosystem. It is also a strong testimony about the integrity of the Fanfare team, and our commitment to create long term value for our stakeholders”, says Vincent Lim, CEO of Fanfare Global.

More recently, Drake is also seen as a leader in blockchain and cryptocurrency. He saw the value of digital assets before it became popular. It all started in 2011 when Drake collaborated on the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act to create new laws underlying all fundraising in the U.S. for all ICOs.

Drake has represented the US Commerce Department at the Transatlantic Forum with the EU Commission in Brussels and Rome, as well as in the UK Parliament as a speaker. His pivotal contributions in the Crowdfunding Industry prompted an invitation to the White House Champions of Change ceremony.

In April 2012, David and The Soho Loft Media Group (his financial media company), established a landmark crowdfunding meeting with SEC and FINRA, just after the JOBS Act was passed into law by President Barack Obama. Together with other leading pioneers, he established the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA), which spawned the Crowdfunding Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA).

“Fanfare is an e-marketplace change-maker. By using blockchain-based technology, Fanfare is bridging the gap between consumers and brands through the use of Consumer-Generated Shoppable Videos. With this technology, brands get to reward its consumers for their brand loyalty commensurately”, Drake said, “These are exciting times, and I am thrilled to be a part of a company that is revolutionizing the social commerce landscape.”

Presently on the advisory board of over 30 blockchain-based companies, Drake fully understands both the merits and challenges of the regulatory framework influencing the crowdfunding landscape and token offerings of the blockchain industry.

“As regulations surrounding the sale of crypto tokens continue to change and develop, David’s exceptional expertise and acute insight of the regulatory framework, as well as his wealth of experience and deep relationships with key regulatory bodies, will undoubtedly ensure that Fanfare’s ICO project has a solid compliant footing”, adds Vincent Lim.

About Fanfare:
Fanfare is a community-based two-sided social commerce platform for creating, curating and converting consumer-generated videos into instant Shoppable Videos for brands. It is purpose-built from ground up to enable Social Commerce. Its building blocks are conceived and created specifically with Social Commerce and Shoppable Videos in mind from the start. The features and functionalities have been well-thought out and designed precisely to help brands and consumers connect more intimately, by facilitating an integrated two-way Brand-Consumer engagement, so that brands can expand their relationships with their consumers to maintain trust, familiarity, and positivity. Fanfare’s unique feature is enabling a brand to convert any Consumer-Generated Video into a Shoppable Video with ease. Users can also easily post and share videos on Fanfare like on any social media platform. The added incentive is that brands can now accurately and cost-effectively add a BUY Button to any of these consumer-generated videos on Fanfare, converting them into Shoppable Videos. The advantages are that the content creator will get rewarded and the brands can harness the power of Consumer-Generated Videos to build their image, promote their products and drive immediate sales, or for lead generation, while at the same time, creating their own library of viral consumer-generated videos aggregated within their own channel. Fanfare’s unique model makes a complete change in the way social media users interact with brands and vice-versa, bringing more benefits to every stakeholder and creating a much better social commerce experience for everyone.