5 video-sharing platform trends that will dominate 2018

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Fanfare 5 Video-Sharing Platform Trends

It’s tough competition for all the video-sharing platforms out there. It doesn’t take much googling to find that there are literally hundreds of video-sharing sites and apps, all potential platforms for brands and marketers to push their content… But beyond Youtube or Instagram, navigating the sea of offers can give you a bit of a headache. Here are 5 features to look out for before you invest your time and money in a video-sharing app.

  1. Micro-influencers.

Do you think that a big celebrity name with millions of followers is the best way to promote your product or your campaign? Marketers have noticed that once a certain level of stardom is attained, fewer people bother to engage. Users are more likely to interact with someone they can relate to on a personal level rather than a celebrity. Enter the micro-influencers: more prone to be working in a particular niche, they drive a segmented audience. This smaller pool results in higher conversion levels.

Fanfare Snack-size Video-sharing

  1. Snack-Size Videos.

In the age of ever-shrinking attention span, it is a no brainer that brands must keep it short and sweet to have maximum impact on their audience. There’s a reason why Instagram won’t allow its users to post video content longer than one minute: snack-bite videos are ideally catered for small screens and limited data plans.

  1. Social Commerce.

Social commerce is a buzzword these days and rightfully so. Coined as « social media meets shopping », it takes e-commerce to the next level by allowing users to buy products directly on social media platforms. In a world of paid publications, consumers don’t trust recommendations made by the media anymore. That’s why you should lookout for a platform that will entertain your users and allow them to buy on the spot.

  1. Gamification.

Ever heard of app stickiness? The number of times a user returns to an app is defined by the stickiness factor. In other words, the stickier your app, the more hooked your users will be. This is where gamification kicks in. By using game mechanics that reward users for fulfilling tasks, you trigger a subconscious thought process. Knowing that there are prizes is a huge motivator for most people. Turn your marketing campaign into a game, and you have a winning strategy for increased loyalty and engagement from your fans.

Fanfare Redemption Store - Video-sharing Platform

  1. In-App Currency & Redemption Store.

In-app currency and redemption store go hand-in-hand with gamification. It’s very simple: you’ve been devoting time and energy to the app or to a brand, time to harvest premiums from the redemption store or collect your virtual money. Reward your most engaged customers by giving them real-added value. This will entice your community to generate more content, helping to spread the word about your product.

At the end of the day, e-marketing these days is very much about mix and matching. While all of these tips are crucial to implementing a successful strategy, only a creative and calibrated combination of all of these factors can give your customers the global experience they are craving for. That’s why FANFARE brought together all of these features to create the missing link between brands and their fans.

By Clara Cerdan

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