Fanfare Connects.

Unlocking the True Value of Social Commerce

Fanfare Global brings users/content creators, brands and consumers together on a unique video-shopping platform, the Fanfare App. This is the only App in the world where brands can directly curate and convert User-Generated Content (UGC) into point-of-sales shoppable videos. A brand can add products for sale and link the video to its own eStore or preferred eCommerce site. By clicking on these user-generated shoppable videos, consumers can do online shopping over multiple eCommerce marketplaces, without exiting the App. The content creators are equitably and systematically rewarded. The App also uses data analytics to provide brands with insights on consumer preferences enabling them to stay connected.

Fanfare Captivates.

Unleashing the Power of Social Media Marketing

Fanfare|X offers a suite of creative media services and integrated marketing strategies for our brand partners to communicate directly and connect intimately with their customers. With emphasis on emotional storytelling and social messaging, brands can captivate users and engage their target audience through refreshing and relatable content across multiple interactive online channels.

Fanfare Contributes.

At Collective Perspectives, a wholly-owned social enterprise by Fanfare Global, we build an ecosystem where Creative Talents with physiological disabilities are: ENABLED to become a perspective-changing community of creators with unique abilities; EQUIPPED with resources and new technologies to offer new ideas and narratives that will open up fresh perspectives; and EMPOWERED to make a difference in the creative marketplace.

Their creative skills and talents are amplified through highly organised processes and well-engineered business strategies which will broaden their income base, generate new demand for their ideas, and increase the value of their creative works.