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Fanfare is pleased to announce that Ari Zoldan, a leading expert on Technology, Media and Business trends, has joined our Advisory Board.

Ari Zoldan is the Chairman of Quantum Media Group. As an on-air TV personality, Ari can be seen regularly on FOX, CNN, CNBC and NBC, where he provides expert commentary on technology, media and emerging trends. He serves as Chair of the Media & Development committee for The Zahn Center for Innovation at City College. Ari holds press credentials on Capitol Hill and the United Nations, and is a member of The National Press Club in Washington, DC. He is a frequent source for journalists and is quoted regularly in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Fox News, Bloomberg, and CNN Money. He writes for a variety of media outlets including The Huffington Post,,, and The IBM Think marketing platform.

Ari’s extensive experience and knowledge about Technology, Media and Business trends will be an invaluable contribution to Fanfare’s social commerce models, blockchain strategies and business initiatives.

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