Expand your Brand, 2018 Style

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Fanfare is happy to announce that it has welcomed close to 60 brands since it was launched in August 2017, including Frasers Hospitality, the world class serviced residence operator.

Why are so many brands jumping on the Fanfare bandwagon? It’s because we connect them with a highly targeted community of fans, all shooting user-generated content to showcase the products and services they love, through viral campaigns, games and rewards. Time to shake up your advertising game: don’t just pay for ads, have your fans making them for you instead and reward them directly!

But how do we do our magic? It’s simple.

1. We reward creativity

Each time a Fanfare user posts a video, they receive free Diamonds. They can use these Diamonds to shop for free in our Redemption Store. But that’s not all. Brands can offer Diamonds to the fans who create the most exciting and creative content.  Nothing like a gift at the finish line to motivate your fans to go the extra mile and shoot viral videos!

2. We make it fun and easy

As if receiving Diamonds for each video you post wasn’t addictive enough, Fanfare launches giveaway campaigns each week, empowering users to take up mini challenges and win prizes. The secret to unleashing you fans’ creativity is here. As they enter the game to collect gifts, they cater amazing content that is fun to make and awesome to watch.

A video is worth a thousand words. See it for yourself!


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