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An article from Kriptoparahaber.

A recent interesting ICO caught our eye: Fanfare — a social commerceplatform powered by blockchain technology.

What makes Fanfare such an interesting project is because it goes beyond blockchain and cryptocurrency. While many ICOs are focusing merely on technologies and how to convert traditional businesses into blockchain businesses; Fanfare, itself, brings about a revolutionizing new business model to the table.

Video Highlights of the “My Beautiful Turkey” Campaign that garnered more than 170 videos from the Fanfare Turkish Community

Fanfare isn’t about advertising and it isn’t starting a new influencer network. Fanfare’s social commerce platform allows everyone to be video content creators, and brands get to use any of these videos available on their platform by adding products to them.

This model gives brands access to a much wider range of user-generated videos, and rewards users for making good videos. Viewers will also experience a new way of shopping online — via video shopping.

The social commerce market is projected to be a US$165.59 billion industry by 2021.

One of the most powerful concepts about Fanfare’s vision is that this platform does not aim to compete with the current social media platforms or eCommerce giants. Fanfare’s ecosystem actually complements them, empowering brands to sell more on Amazon, Lazada or Alibaba, etc.


Blockchain is a revolutionary technology. But a good technology needs to have good businesses using it. By the looks of things, Fanfare is an amazingly attractive business model to adopt this technology.

There is so much more to Fanfare than just an ICO. We love the vision, we believe in the new approach of consumer influencers, and we certainly look forward to seeing the Fanfare community grow.


Fanfare launched a New Video Campaign about Camping for their Turkish Community. The Grand Prize will be a Camping Tent from Decathlon Turkey

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One of Fanfare’s popular campaigns “My Beautiful Turkey” ran three months ago and received a total of 173 outstanding videos from Fanfare’s Turkish Community. Almost every video showcased a beautiful landscape or someone’s favorite place in Turkey and the Top Video with the most likes won a GoPro Hero 5 worth 1,749TL.

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