Fanfare Appoints Ben Tuff as Global Marketing Advisor

By April 12, 2018Fanfare ICO

Fanfare is elated to have Ben Tuff onboard as its Global Marketing Advisor. Leveraging his experience as a marketing agency lead in Asian and European markets, Ben brings a rare breadth and depth of experience that spans branding, innovation, insight and strategy —

“Partners built on Blockchain and crypto solutions enhance and compliment existing marketing tactics brands use. As new touch points, they provide the most logical and rapid way to deliver consumer engagement solutions enabling brands to take advantage of the opportunities crypto solutions offer. Brand owners are then enabled to focus on their core — building the brand, communication and product solutions that satisfy their consumer needs whilst operating in the domain their consumers increasingly live.”

Ben will help to ensure Fanfare articulates its role as a key marketing partner for global brands and their affiliate businesses in enabling them to drive business growth through Social Commerce powered by Blockchain. His role is to build meaningful solutions that reflect the business, marketing and growth objectives of these brands.

About Ben Tuff:

Beginning his career in the PepsiCo group of businesses, he spent 14 years working in a range of marketing, insight and sales aligned roles. In 2006, he moved to Shanghai to lead the consumer strategy team for the Greater China Foods business. Since 2010, Ben has been working within WPP, first as the global Samsung client lead for Kantar, the world’s largest consumer insight and strategy group. Connecting expertise, he created a network of global thought leaders to deliver solutions in areas including media, social and digital, communications, branding and B2B strategy. At MEC (now Wavemaker) as Managing Partner, his role has been to build and develop media solutions for key clients to drive growth, delivered principally from a data and technology perspective driven by programmatic, social and content solutions.

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