Fanfare Appoints Professor Wulf Kaal as Blockchain Strategist

By April 14, 2018Fanfare ICO

As the application of blockchain technology evolves in complexity, it’s essential to have a more cohesive understanding of the crypto environment.

Professor Wulf Kaal is a leading expert at the intersection of law, business, and technology. His research focuses on innovation, blockchain technology applications, smart contracts, initial coin offerings, hedge funds, and dynamic regulatory methods.

Kaal is the director of the Private Investment Fund Institute (PIFI). Before entering the academy, he was associated with Cravath, Swain & Moore LLP, in New York, and Goldman Sachs in London, UK.

We are very fortunate to be able to leverage on his expertise to build the first Social Commerce Platform powered by blockchain and develop Fanfare’s intricate and sustainable tokenomics.

“I am thrilled by Fanfare’s unique value proposition to integrate two fast-growing frontiers — Social Commerce and Blockchain — and to own this new space. Having successfully merged social media and eCommerce on their live Fanfare App into an operational ecosystem — by infusing blockchain innovation — new dynamics can be unlocked (for social shopping, brand amplification, brand-consumer interaction, content-sharing and monetisation, as well as reward systems powered by smart contracts) offering a whole host of incentives, while addressing inherent issues in existing social media networks and eCommerce sites.”

Kaal has begun working closely with us on optimizing blockchain strategies to benefit our Social Commerce Community.

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