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By August 14, 2017Press

FANFARE is set to bridge the gap between Fans and Brands

Summary: FANFARE is a new app for Android and iOS to be launched globally on 17 August 2017. The platform will enable users to SHARE videos of their favorite things, WATCH fresh content and WIN instant rewards. It will also help to boost market penetration and enhance consumer engagement for brands and products via a unique redemption system and social shopping network.

14 August 2017, Hong Kong – A place where ‘fan videos meet social commerce’, this is how Fanfare aims to create a new trend for content sharing platforms.

To be released worldwide on 17 August 2017, the Fanfare app will be available for free on both Android and iOS. This official global launch follows a successful open beta that attracted over 20,000 users.

Users can continue to share short videos of the things that fascinate and inspire them, watch original “snack-sized” user-generated content from around the world, and win fantastic prizes. Brands can engage and reward their fan-community like never before, through fan-created content, social video campaigns and giveaways.

Benny Phang, Fanfare’s Rainmaker, explains, “Fanfare is an exciting platform that rewards Fans for creating interesting video content about the Brands they love. It also offers a refreshing social experience where users can interact, grow and share with fellow fans. They can discover or review brands and products that are not yet available in their country. In that sense, Fanfare really puts a world of brands at your fingertips. Unlike other platforms that bombard their users with ads, Fanfare only shows you content related to the brands that you have picked. Less spam, more connection.”

Users are also rewarded with Fanfare Diamonds and Experience Points whenever they post or share videos. The Fanfare Diamonds can be used to redeem free premiums while the Experience Points help to level up a user’s ranking on the app, thereby unlocking additional prizes, access to new content, and opportunities to be official Fanfare Ambassadors and Brand Advocates.

All these will be underpinned by an intuitive marketplace – the app will provide a social commerce platform for fans to buy items featured in their followed feeds “on the spot” – creating an effortless shopping experience.

About Fanfare: Fanfare is the omni-channel missing link between Fans and their favorite Brands. Through community-created video content, viral campaigns, gaming elements, exclusive prizes, as well as social commerce – all on a single platform – Fanfare will be empowering consumers or fans around the world to have more personalized engagements and meaningful moments with their favorite Brands, while getting rewarded at the same time.

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Name: Clara Cerdan
Organization: Fanfare Holdings Ltd
Address: 9/F Amtel Building, 148 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong


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