Former USSS Consultant Brett Johnson Joins Fanfare as Chief Security Advisor

By April 22, 2018Fanfare ICO

Brett “Gollumfun” Johnson is one of the world’s foremost experts on cyber crime, online fraud, and identity theft. Fanfare is privileged to have him join our ranks in safeguarding the security of our social commerce ecosystem to ensure its online resilience against undesirable hacking and fraud through secured data protection and robust penetration testing.

Previously on the U.S. Most Wanted List and regarded as “The Original Internet Godfather” by the United States Secret Service (USSS), Brett was the cyber crime world’s kingpin for two decades, being instrumental in designing, developing and implementing many areas of online fraud, social engineering attacks and hacking operations still used today.

Recognized as one of the best Social Engineers of his time, the USSS quickly engaged him as a consultant upon his first arrest in February 2005. Brett trained USSS Agents and other Law Enforcement Officers on different aspects of cyber crime and helped to track and identify online criminals. But Brett went on a cross country crime spree while working for the Secret Service, resulting in a nationwide manhunt for him. He was recaptured twice following a daring escape, eventually serving a 7½ year sentence in federal prison. During his incarceration, he took responsibility for his actions, resolving to help others avoid the types of crime he used to commit.

Today, Brett is a highly sought-after public speaker and respected advocate in raising awareness about Internet security and uses his vast knowledge in assisting others to stay safe online.

“Fanfare is an exciting, unique platform connecting users with brands and benefitting both. Already extremely popular, Fanfare promises to achieve massive growth and change the face of media and social shopping as we know it. And cyber criminals are attracted to successful platforms such as Fanfare, and will use a variety of methods and tools to commit their crimes. As such, I am glad that Fanfare has chosen security as a key cornerstone of their business practice to protect not only the company, but also its users and stakeholders.”

Brett’s unique offering as Fanfare’s Chief Security Advisor is that his viewpoints and understanding of cyber crimes stem from his wealth of experience both as an ex-cyber criminal, as well as a former USSS trainer, which is unavailable elsewhere. This helps us stay ahead of innovative fraud tactics and to combat hacking activities from different scenarios, thereby giving ample protection to Fanfare’s social commerce ecosystem and its community.

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