LDJ Capital Strategic Partnership

We are delighted to announce that LDJ Capital has inked a strategic partnership alliance with us for fund-raising, project development and business expansion. LDJ Capital is a multi-family office which deals in worldwide funds accessing over trillions in assets and maintains over 50+ global directors and family office partners.

Incorporated in New York since 2005, LDJ Capital seeks early opportunities to raise funds, build boards and executive teams and build business plans.

LDJ Capital is in key cities like USA, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and soon Australia and Africa. They focus their expertise, invest and manage investments for partners and clients in top industries like Technology, Media, Energy, Real Estate, Telecom, Advertising, Aerospace, Transportation, Hotel and Hospitality Management.

Their portfolio values both balance and flexibility and includes a global mix of large-, mid-, and small-cap equities, hedge funds, venture capital and alternative investments. They develop long-term business investment solutions based on a personalized plan and aligned with client’s core values and strengths.

“Fanfare uses a blockchain-based technology and our focus in social media engagements and ecommerce channel distributions and more recently digital assets, such as cryptocurrency and blockchain firms through ICOs, will bring a great synergies that will benefit both parties. These are exciting times, and I am glad that Fanfare and LDJ Capital work together in one goal, to revolutionize the social commerce landscape.” 
– David Drake, Founder and Chairman of LDJ Capital.

This strategic partnership will be able to facilitate and accelerate Fanfare’s aspirations to become a highly sustainable global leader in the Social Commerce economy powered by Blockchain.

For more info on LDJ Capital — http://www.ldjcapital.com/

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