Press Release – Fanfare Showcasing at RISE Hong Kong 2017

By July 7, 2017Press

7 July 2017 (Hong Kong) Rewarding fans for creating video content for the brands they love. This is how the Fanfare App aims to transform how fans interact intimately with brands.



“Fanfare is the omni-channel missing link between fans and their favorite brands”, says Fanfare’s Rainmaker Benny Phang. “Through community-created video content, viral campaigns, gaming elements, as well as exclusive prizes – all on a single mobile platform – we are empowering consumers or fans around the world to have more personalized engagements and meaningful moments with their favorite Brands, while getting rewarded at the same time.”

福粉儿公司中呼风唤雨的超级说客Benny Phang表示,“福粉儿能将粉丝与他们喜爱的品牌进行全方位的联结。我们让所有的粉丝使用同一个移动端平台制作视频、参与品牌活动,玩转游戏并赢得独家大奖,从而使世界各地的消费者和粉丝与他们支持的品牌有更个性化、更有深度的互动,并且还能同时获得酬劳。”


The Fanfare App is still in its Beta Phase but has already created some buzz. It has impressed and attracted the attention of an enviable list of investors, including Hong Kong-based Brighten Management Ltd.



“Fanfare is an exciting, disruptive, and highly scalable advertising platform that has a lot of potential”, says Julian So, Chief Investment Officer at Brighten. “More importantly, it’s being managed by a team of passionate and diligent founders with a clear vision and relevant expertise. Brighten, through our technology fund, is currently actively seeking an investment into Fanfare.”

“福粉儿是一个激动人心的广告平台,该平台极具颠覆性,使广告规模调节自如,具有十足发展潜力。”创辉公司的首席投资官Julian So如此说道,“更重要的是,该软件的创始人和管理人团队各个都不仅热情洋溢、勤奋刻苦,还都身怀绝技、对未来有清晰的规划。创辉公司正在运用其科技基金积极探索对福粉儿的投资形式。”


When fully ready in mid August 2017, the Fanfare App will boast new features like an e-commerce marketplace, a redemption store, location-based advertising as well as social networking capabilities.



“I believe we have unlocked a whole new world of opportunities for content creators, consumers, brands and advertisers. This is the future of audience engagement and brand amplification”, adds Benny.



The Fanfare Team will be at RISE 2017 Hong Kong (Stand A-248: 13 Jul 2017) to showcase their App.

福粉儿团队将在香港RISE2017 (Stand A-248: 2017 年 7 月 13 日) 展示他们的软件。


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About Fanfare

Fanfare was created to empower Fans (consumers) to show love for their favorite Brands, while encouraging Brands to reward their loyal Fans.





About Brighten Management Ltd 

Brighten Management Ltd is a multi-family office, presently for several families in Asia. Its primary role is to help clients restructure and reorganize their existing business to reduce costs or to enhance returns. Its secondary role is to identify unique (and mostly strategic) investment opportunities for clients. Brighten is also a proprietary trading platform looking for unique opportunities in non-traditional risk exposures, as well as providing solutions to partners to build long term relationships. These solutions include risk protection, yield enhancement, cost reduction, hedging, and financing.




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