Are You Ready to Unlock the Power of Social Commerce?

By November 23, 2017Press and Technology
Remember when Social Commerce was the new cool kid around the block? Well, that kid is all grown-up now and ready to take over the buy-online experience full steam ahead. A quick look at Facebook’s Buy button or Instagram’s shoppable posts will tell you what savvy marketers already know. Combining Social Media and e-Commerce is the new way to sell more products – and sell them better.

Recently,  one internet giant has dipped its toe in the Social Commerce pool: eRetailer Amazon has launched in March 2017 its own Social Media Influencer Program, allowing online celebrities to promote brands they like in return for commission on every product sold.

As big names jump into the game, Fanfare app is designed entirely with the cosmic potential of Social Commerce in mind. Catered as a community-based platform for fans to share videos about the products they love, it relies on TRUST, SIMPLIFICATION and EMPOWERMENT to create a seamless shopping experience.

TRUST, because we believe the authenticity of user-generated content is the best marketing tool you will ever get. As Millenials are less and less inclined to believe paid advertisment, word of mouth and peer review arise as incredibly impactful trend setters.

SIMPLIFICATION and EMPOWERMENT, as Fanfare connects Brands and Fans directly without intermediaries by allowing Brands to transform any user-video into a shoppable video, ensuring that fans get rewarded in the process.


Fanfare Brand APP and Shoppable Videos Coming Soon… Join the Fanfare revolution.

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