Video is the New Currency!

By August 25, 2017Press and Technology

Imagine you can make a short video to earn virtual diamonds, which can be exchanged for real prizes like at a carnival. This is Fanfare – the only app that transforms videos into currency that you can use.

A user generated content platform that allows you to connect directly with the brands you love; the engagement is bolstered by viral campaigns stocked with exclusive giveaways and gameplay incentives. And instead of finding your way in a sea of official and unofficial brand accounts, Fanfare uses special <brandtags to solidify the relationship between brands and fans.

An entirely new shopping experience also awaits you when fan-created videos meet brands on the platform. You can swap your well-earned new currency for something you fancy in Fanfare’s redemption store or spend it on your favorite things at Fanfare’s social marketplace.

Download the Fanfare App today and turn your videos into currency.

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