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In Episode One of “Digital Innovations” — filmed against the iconic backdrop of Times Square in NASDAQ studio — David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital and Advisor to Fanfare, discusses with retired Macedonian Minister of Foreign Investment Gligor Taskovic and Veronica Welch from VEW PR Media on FANFARE’s game-changing tokenization of its Social Commerce Ecosystem.


CoinTurk and Kriptoparahaber are both Turkish websites covering the lastest news about Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. They have been dissecting FANFARE’s unprecedented digital model on their Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Forum and Telegram.


International YouTubers such as Martins HacksProfessor CryptoKripto Sozluk and Instagram influencer Zeuskabadayi have discussed FANFARE on their respective platforms. Discover it now.

Youtuber Martins Hacks | Fanfare ICO Review: World’s First Blockchain-Powered Social Commerce Community | Video with more than 9000 views.


Professor Crypto, the number one in Crypto & ICO Review Youtube Channel | HOT ICO Review: Fanfare Social Commerce Community


Turkish Youtuber Kripto Sozluk | Fanfare ICO


Turkish Instagram Influencer Zeuskabadavi | Fanfare‘s “My Beautiful Turkey” Campaign.


Yahoo Finance, MorningStar, Access Wire and NASDAQ have covered Fanfare and our operations – read the articles now!

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